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Efficient, enhanced communications, sophistication simplified, and innovative are just a few words used to describe DSX from NEC phone system and accessories.

  • NEC DSX 22 Button Display Telephone
  • NEC DSX-40 8 Port Analog Extension
  • NEC DSX 34 Button Backlit Display Telephone
  • NEC DSX Intra-Mail 4 Port 8 Hour Voice Mail
  • NEC 34 Button Super Display Telephone
  • NEC DSX Intra-Mail 8 Port 16 Hour Voice Mail
  • NEC DSX-40 8 Port Digital Extension Card
  • Other NEC Accessories
  • NEC DSX-40 4 Port CO Card


Expandable, flexible, versatile are words you can use when describing Panasonic phone systems. Aside from new phone systems we also sale refurbished Panasonic DBS. Please review the complete communication solutions that Panasonic offers below:

  • KX-NCP500 Hybrid IP PBX Control Unit with 5 Free Slots
  • KX-NCP1000 Hybrid IP PBX Control Unit with 7 Free Slots
  • KX-NT346 & KX-NT346-B (Black) Advanced IP Telephone 24 Button, 6 –Line Backlit LCD, SP-Phone
  • KX-NT366 KX-NT303B (Black) Advanced IP Telephone 4x12 self –labeling, 6 – Line Backlit
  • KX-TA824 Advanced Hybrid Telephone System
  • KX-T7720
  • KX-T7731
  • KX-T7736
  • KX-T7896


Why not use innovative technology for more effective communication to gain more flexibility and become even more customer friendly? Let Samsung enhance your company's effectiveness. They have attractive and user-friendly phone system choices that include:

  • Samsung IDCS 100
  • Samsung 5021 Telephone
  • Samsung IDCS 28D
  • Samsung 5014 Telephone
  • Samsung IDCS 18D
  • Samsung IDCS 8D

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